Everything, Everything

Hi there! Well as the title say....so what do you think about the title when first you read it? Did you think of the movie? Did you think of the book? Or just random? Well let me tell you the book is amazing I am currently reading it and I am in the part where... Continue Reading →


Hi there so here's a poem about life; No and Yes, That's all I say, About life, It's always the same. When there's a change It gives you hope, Then it changes again And your hopes are gone. So today went quite well and I managed to do some work and trying my best. I... Continue Reading →

Another Poem

A glance That's all it took And  With it came A smile It's him That Keeps me up all night And He'll be my End. -ThatGirl4ever

OMG it’s the 100th post

Hi there! I am very happy I just achieved my highest views on this blog it's 109 I know it's not lot but it is for me! Thank you everyone for following me and liking my blogs and Ronny invisible readers 😂😂😂 and also this is my 100th post on my blog. Thank you all... Continue Reading →

Big Reveal

Hi there! If you didn't read my last blog then the hug reveal is that my name..... Is... Nicole Okay that's it such a simple and basic name! I would have prefer another name which is long and beautiful! Also yesterday I ate this packet full of sweets the same that are in the picture... Continue Reading →


Hi there! So if you are wondering today I will be talking about my change of instagram theme... It is based on a pink filter for now and when I get bored of it I'll change it again!  If you want ideas about themes for instagram go search on the web it helps a lot.... Continue Reading →


They are snickering, My blood is boiling. They laugh, I want to kill them. But that's not the way to do things, Then what's the right way Or is there no right way? What should I do? The act only depends on the person! -ThatGirl4ever 

What I do…

Hello there! So let me briefly tell you what I am doing right now! Like usually I ended up going with my family. I also received my annual results today and let's say I passed but not glad about my results...  In all I didn't get marks on 90's. Well I am going to try... Continue Reading →


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