YOU and I!

Introduction Hello lovely people of the world , I hope you are all doing well. I have 3 more O'level exams or as you know them more as GCSE exams. I am planing to start blogging more often this summer and as well meet more people. I hope that I'll keep you entertained with my... Continue Reading →


Poem – Goosebumps

Introduction Hi there! Today has been a rough day in short. At least my day was cheered a bit by my bias ( Kim Taehyung) releasing a solo. I'm Nicole if you're new. Nice to meet you! Today I'll be writing a poem to express my emotions. Goosebumps His Voice … is soft like solitude’s,... Continue Reading →

Infinity – Poem

Hi there, if you're new to my blog I'm Nicole and today I will be publishing one of my poems. PoemMeet me tonight I'll hold your hand, We will walk together Towards what? Towards infinity. We will reach a cliff Together we will find infinity. ---- I hope you liked it! Have a nice day... Continue Reading →

I shed a meaningful TEAR

Hello beautiful people of the world. I come here again to write. Today I will be writing about my daily life and some wisdom words that came out from the inner me. I hope you'll enjoy this post. Beginning Yesterday I had private lesson of physics like usual at 6 in the evening. As I... Continue Reading →


Welcome Hi there! If you are new , I'm Nicole and I'm a blogger as you can see. I've been really busy lately. The usually life of a teenager ; with all the exams of my last year  I'm pretty stressed out. These exams will determine which college I will go to next scholastic year... Continue Reading →

Poem – It’s part of ME

Welcome Hi everyone for today I'm going to post a poem which I wrote a month ago. Have a nice day! POEM Feeling the angry Inside me Scratching on my hands I want to feel it. BUT I want it to leave  me, Leave me at peace Every time making my blood pump faster, Then... Continue Reading →


Welcome I welcome you to my blog new readers for those who don’t know me, I am a teenager who dreams for the extreme. Today I will be talking about ME. Emotions As everyone knows it is difficult to literally not feel anything. ME being a teenager always try to go for the impossible and... Continue Reading →

Problems as Teenagers

Welcome back amazing people of the world! Well today as the 15/03/2018 my name is Alex. Woah! Wait a minute. Aren't you asking , isn't your name Nicole? Yes it is my birth name but due to the stress of exams I'm just having fun being me but somehow different every day. You might be lost... Continue Reading →

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