No it's not the fry when you fry the chips (potato) or fry another food. What does fry mean to me? Well this is evil but this is what I think: Imagine someone you hate with all your guts. And BOOM there's a giant saucepan and oil and it's under the fire in front on... Continue Reading →

So… and Quote

Today is my birthday but I am not making a fuss about it. I went out yesterday for my birthday and going out again next Saturday. So... sorry for not posting early but I have been busy. I have made progressed and made friends with two french girls yesterday. I really had fun talking to... Continue Reading →


Have someone ever pushed you with such force it feels like you are being Jolted. Like being bullied and it was made on purpose. That's Jolt for me. OR It can be referred to that spark electricity makes. OR When I touched him I felt the sparks and was jolted to him and I felt it... Continue Reading →


Every day I struggle with my life and ever step I take/choice makes me feel climbing a mountain. Trying my best to climb it all when I am so close there comes the struggle, problems and disturbed by something. Then the wind pass by and I fall back down meters away from the top.  That's... Continue Reading →


Have you ever felt so cranky. That you start imagining yourself in another world, with people you never met and then you shake it off. Continuing with your life. I surely did! What about you? -ThatGirl4ever via Daily Prompt: Cranky

My birthday! (and Riverdale)

I don't know if you guys see Riverdale but people are comparing me to the characters of Betty and Jughead. Why? Well here are my reasons and you'll get to know me more: I hate my bd (Jughead) I hate parties (Jughead) Want to be with close people only (Jughead) Anger issues (Betty) Trying to... Continue Reading →

Epic Prank!

Pranks can be you attempting one or you being prank on. Well my prank worked on all the people I did it on so it's pretty good. Now I am going to share it with you. Do this prank with preferably someone close to you! I Have A Boyfriend Prank! It doesn't have to be... Continue Reading →


"It's time to be happy again" And A suggestion from me, don't trust a boy who cheated to his ex girlfriend. -ThatGirl4ever

Smile on my Face!!

Good Morning LOVLIES!!!! I give you kisses and hugs today. The sun is shining and I am smiling. I am feeling so good finally it's been so long.... I deserve this.... Now back to the blog- Holidays! What to do during Holidays? Motivate yourself set an aim  Then Study Eat healthy (bowl of fruits..etc..) Do... Continue Reading →

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