What have I been up to?-13ry? Bird Box?

So, I am trying to watch more of the series before school start and recently I finished one (The end of the fucking world) and I continued 13 reasons why as well. Talking about 13 reasons why I think it has become so overrated, at the moment I am at season 3 episode 2 and so far I don’t find it interesting but rather boring. I’ll try to continue it with a fresh mind trying to see it in another perspective.

As well yesterday I watched Bird Box! And I loved it! I have been so busy with school that I stopped watching the trendiest stuff on the internet and now I am trying to catch with all the series and movies before I go back to school which is in 15 days.

As well, mentioning school I am doing short notes of physics which are taking a lot of my time hopefully it be all worth it in the end. Lastly, last week I also watched a trendy film that y’all might have heard about which is : Crawl. (it’s review is in progress)

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My Application to…

Hey, well as some of you may assume I am still a student at college going to second year and once I finish this year I will go to university of Malta. Now for this year, apart from my full-time course at Junior College which consists of my six subjects(Pure Maths and Physics at an A level, Computing, Marketing, English and Sok at an Intermediate Level) I have other stuff going after school…

At the school I attend we have 5 days lectures from 8am till 17.00 with lectures and about 1 or 2hr break on each day. Apart these I attend an extra 7 hour Private Lesson since I don’t want to lack back and sometimes I don’t understand the lectures. Now this year apart from this I am attending a part-time course which I applied for and still waiting for them to tell me when I will be starting and this will take a 2hr of my time every week.

I guess I like to be busy and always have something to do! For this year I will be more aimed towards school related stuff and only try to go out on Sundays and no other extra going out activities as I need time to study and do my homework!

I wish each student a good luck for this year some have already started! Good Luck let’s hope for the best!

The end of the fucking world – TV SERIES

So from all the list that I received and blogged about recently, I have watched all THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD series last night! When I watched the trailer I had a lot of 2nd thoughts and didn’t think I’d like it! But I tried my best and watched the first episode!

And…guess what? Yes I got hooked up with it and I really wish for it to continue! I’m so in love with the whole plot. It was made up so amazing and twisted in a way that I couldn’t possibly think a story could be like that. But this series is something far different from anything I have ever watched or read!

It got me so interested that got me thinking about it like crazy! Anyhow, I would tots suggest this but a warning I started this the same day my friend did and she didn’t like it so I am not saying you’ll love it 100%. It’s just my opinion!

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TV Shows chosen from YOU!

Recently I posted an IG story asking all my followers to suggest TV Shows to me! Very surprisingly I got a large number of replies! So, I have decided to share all the TV Show here!

The suggested shows:

Dark- Comedy

  • The end of the fucking world
  • The Boys


  • Peaky Blinders
  • Orange is the new black
  • Breaking Bad
  • Big little lies
  • Jessica Jones
  • Skins
  • Manifest
  • Queen of the South
  • Glitch
  • Another Life
Teen Drama
  • Elite
Crime Drama
  • Money Heist
  • Prison Break
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Good Girls
  • Blindspot
Drama Mystery
  • Grand Hotel US


  • Friends
  • Brooklyn nine-nice
  • The Simpsons
  • How I met your mother
  • That 70’s show
  • Modern family


  • Beauty of the beast
  • Santa Clareita Diet
Urban Fantasy
  • Lucifer

Science Fiction

  • Black Mirror
  • Jessica Jones

Occult Fiction

  • Light as a feather


  • Flash
  • Dc’s legends of tomorrow
  • Jessica Jones
  • Daredevil
  • The Punisher

K Drama

  • He is psychometric
  • “I’m not a robot”
  • The K2
  • Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
  • Kill me Heal me
  • Descendants of the sun
  • Korean Odyssey

Top 10 I am considering more than the others:

  1. Friends
  2. Brooklyn nine-nine
  3. That 70’s show
  4. Money Heist
  5. Peaky Blinders
  6. Lucifer
  7. The end of the fucking world
  9. Queen of the South
  10. Prison Break

Comment down below your own opinion and which one do you think I should start first? Thanks for reading and all the replies that I got from IG story!


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Our waste into volcanoes? Could this actually work?

A YouTube video that I watched this week has inspired me to write this! And in all I can make this is into a short list of cons and prons.


  • We get ride of all the waste!
  • No problem of space anymore
  • There are enough volcanoes


  • Not all items can be melted by lava
  • Increase Air Pollution
  • Very Dangerous

If you’re more interested about this topic go refer to the What If channel on YouTube!

TEENS want wealth and fame more than anything else in life! Is this true?

Young people, mostly millennial want to be known all around the world since they don’t want to feel irrelevant or insignificant so they make use of the internet. A way in which today’s generation believe they can get fame is through social Medias. Personally, I believe this is true with the access of Youtube and Instagram paying anyone who is providing content and entertainment. One of the main priorities of these teenagers is the number of followers, likes or subscribers. In this teenagers’ eyes if you get fame you technically have money as well which sometimes power follows as well.

It’s a little scary, but it seems that an extremely large portion of teens would rather be Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber rather than the lawyers and the accountants that manage their brands, and what’s even scarier is that many of these young people won’t just stop at dreaming of fame, some will ignore their personal responsibilities as well.  But what’s most prominent in today’s culture, especially among younger people wanting to be famous, is becoming a celebrity without displaying a talent or putting in any kind of work. Simply put, these teenagers just want the benefits of being in front of the camera and have no desire of being away from the camera to perfect a craft.

The Millennial era that is growing up in society is showing to become lazier as time passes and this is very evident since everyone is trying to find an easy route to make it up the ladder next to the celebrities. Again, my point is that by sitting behind a camera doing vlogs people are trying to do this as a way of living which many people are still adjusting to this new type of “job” at home. This way some people are calling it easy money where people can get wealthy from doing something considered easy. In my opinion, this is another of the many reasons why young people are not looking for more realistic and standard jobs.

Everyone, once in a while might desire fame but it would be just a phase that everyone goes through. This situation is something totally different these teenagers believe that this is how they want to live; they want to be famous, known and heard. Most of them are doing it for the fame but as well for the money. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration of reading this.

100th Appology

What’s been up and down my life?

I’m back an excited! I have been a bit of a ghost last month due to my first sit of the Intermediate exams. I tried to give 2 intermediates a year before which are English and Marketing. All I am aiming for is a C in my English and a pass in Marketing. I’ll be receiving the result on the 27th September!!!

For this last month of summer vacation (aka I’ll be returning to school on the 26th of this month) I am planning a lot of things including going out with friends and trying to keep myself motivated. Tomorrow I am going to try to apply for something which is kinda important to me so hopefully I get accepted. Wish me luck ❤ Well needed!

This blog TITLE

I’ve called this blog the 100th Apology since I have been saying excuses for not blogging and etc…. all year!!! For this year I am going to try to get my head into studying and managing with everything INCLUDING THIS BLOG which has come to be apart of my life! I look forward in meeting new bloggers the upcoming days and as well in creating my new content! I promise I am going to try really hard!
Thanks for reading beauties.