LIEBSTER AWARD Thank you @Cicik¬†for nominating me. I am so thankful and it has been a while since I was given an award. The following questions where asked to be answered by me. Let's have a look... Q1. Which is your favorite beach in Southeast of Asian?¬† I never went to Asia or anywhere else... Continue Reading →

What Next?

What Next?  According to your story(life) at some point everyone wants to be happy and finds that light which will bright  their life and take a turn. Steps: Goals - make sure to know what your achievements are and if it helps list them down. Work - after knowing your goals find ways to achieve... Continue Reading →

Who are you?

Who are you? Hi there, so I hope you are having a splendid day. Mine went quite all right. So everyone is UNIQUE day say and I believe that more than the amount of numbers there are. I am not exaggerating. It's important to find yourself and know who you are. What does that question... Continue Reading →

Man & Woman *Equality*

Hi there! So you must have heard of lack of equality or faced it. So both genders face this some say it's more that gender and Visa Versa... So, I am a woman and can only talk about that gender... because man have a stick doesn't mean they're boss. They want to be like the... Continue Reading →

Everything, Everything

Hi there! Well as the title what do you think about the title when first you read it? Did you think of the movie? Did you think of the book? Or just random? Well let me tell you the book is amazing I am currently reading it and I am in the part where... Continue Reading →


Hi there so here's a poem about life; No and Yes, That's all I say, About life, It's always the same. When there's a change It gives you hope, Then it changes again And your hopes are gone. So today went quite well and I managed to do some work and trying my best. I... Continue Reading →

Another Poem

A glance That's all it took And  With it came A smile It's him That Keeps me up all night And He'll be my End. -ThatGirl4ever

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