In every school there are many different types of cliques. To make it easier there are three categories. 

  • Popular
  • Medium
  • Not-noticed people

The Popular clique is normallly  a group full of many people classified to be popular the ones which have most fun. Person can be classified a popular by the following ways:

  • Clothes
  • What they call ‘fun’ (parties)
  • Social Medias (Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…)
  • Attitude (Bossy, rude  and talk back to teachers.)
  • Fight (Talk fights, Aggresive fights…)

The popular group is further divided into cheerleaders, rich, jock, mean girls, cool kids, girly girls, scene girls and preps.

In each popular group of females or males there is alwaya a leader. Females call her Queen Bee. Males call him the Leader.

Being a popular may be fun but they need to keep their reputation. To do that it might involve being rude, bullying, not doing homework, breaking rules etc…

The Fringe Group these are people who follow in the shadow the people of the popular clique.  They mimic the popular cliques’ actions, structure and guidelines, but are not actually part of it. It is said that they are “second in line” to the popular kids.

People who whishes to be popular and they join a cliique together. Trying their best to be part of the populoar  clique.

The Friendship Clique this is a group of people of friendship that share a common belief, interest, style, appearance, or hobby, or are looking for their own culture separare from the other cliques.

To be in this clique you need to gain the trust of the people in the group. From there onwards you’re part of their friendship.

Then there are those people who might prefare to work and be alone. Normally they will have few friends  or no one unfortunately. 

The Athletic Clique consits of this group that play sports in or outside school. Normally they have many friends and sometimes are part of the popular clique.

The Nerds/Geeks these are people par of a group who are studious, and care a lot obout their schoolwork. Some may have no friends other may have friends in the same group. They prefer studying, reading and staying home instead going out to parties.


Emo Kids are highly emotional. Their emotions are reflected in their appearance: dark clothing, streaked bangs, and tattoos and piercings.

Rockers tend to stay away from the crowd and in small groups with similar interests in music. This is a very large clique because of how diverse it is. They tend to wear band T-shirts, lots of jewelry, and baggy or tight jeans and are usually listening to music. Many of them will be in a band or know an instrument.

Outsiders they may be socially challenged and unable to fit in, or they may be independent and feel no need to join any one group exclusively.

Skaters are people with skateboarders who came along and borrowed the long hair and slacker trappings of the surf scene, but they have always been more rebellious.

Preps are a subgenre of the popular clique like mentioned before. Preps tend to be good at being social and having fun and usually come from an upper middle class or upper-class family. Sometimes they overlap with jocks, especially when it comes to sports. In most high schools, preps are those most commonly chosen to have important positions for school events such as Class Officers, Home Coming King/Queen, Prom King/Queen and Prom Court.


Anything you don’t agree with me? (Yes say what)

Which group am I? (Between frienship and nerd clique)

Which group are you part of? Are you happy?

If you don’t know which part of clique you belong to. Check out this quiz:

Clique’s Names

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