Preparing for School

I’m really bored hearing my younger cousins talking about which guy is hotter. I am the oldest from my cousins and I’m 14yrs old.

I can’t believe that I am hearing this. So instead of hearing them arguing I am here blogging.

School is back tomorrow. I still need to take off my nail polish, prepare my uniform,shoes and hair accessories.

In my bag for now I only have:

  1. An A4 lined spiral pad
  2. 2 pocket cases
  3. Bathroom bag
  4. Umbrella
  5. Math book

I also still have to put a wallet with money. I need the umbrella since it’s already raining here!!!

I love winter and specially rain. But rain and school don’t go together.

I hope you all teenagers are having a nice time at school. Enjoy the best of it, remember not everyone can have the education they need.

Wish me luck for tomorrow and have a nice day or nice dreams filled with unicorns and rainbows. 🙂


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