What do you do when you hear laughter? Is it about me? Why is school so stressing?

What I do is IGNORE!!!! And yes school is stressing and tiring. Getting back to school-

After break we had P.E (Physical Education). Let’s put it this way I hate it.

My class decided to play proisoners. A game if you get hit with the ball from the opposite side you get to go into a ‘prison’.

To get out you need to get the ball and hit someone from the opposite team. Let’s just say I hate this game.

First round passed and my team won. Second round I get a headache and it starts getting worse and starting to feel dizzy.

My friend tell me to tell the teacher. But me being me I don’t to avoid the class attention.

So somehow during the game I got hit by the ball. I went into the prison and sat down on the benches. I was getting to dizzy to play anymore so I let the others win for us.

Back at home I have DIY my spiral lined pad. They come out great making me feel all happy again.

Good news I have no longer have a headache and I amn’t dizzy.

Down below is a pic of the DIY. Have a nice day filled with colorful clouds!!!


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