Coffee Disaster

This morning I woke up in a bad mood but I still got ready for school lazily . I prepared a thermos filled with coffee.

I put a spoon of coffee and two spoons sugar. Around quarter of a mug milk.

I took it with me in the van. When I didn’t feel like drinking any more coffee. I putted it into my school bag.

I grabbed the bag and put it on its’ back on my knees. I putted my head on the bag as a pillow.

I felt something cold on my face then a word pop up into me. COFFEE!!!

So the whole coffee spilled in my bag. Guess what the thermos isn’t for traveling but for homes and offices.

I went to school with a half wet bag and smell of coffee. I told my best friends what happened.

This time we made it to school to half of the assembly. I haven’t had a proper assembly since school started.

Now my bag is washed. I have finished most of the homework and something else went wrong…

My USB is missing I think my mother threw it away. Anyways let’s hope maybe I will find it.

So today has been a total disaster!!!


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