Tips for Studying 

First of all the below picture is a diy of my diary at school. Thank you so much for the new followers.

The pictures is a bit blurry sorry but it’s late at night.

Back to the blog! I came across some tips. Here they are:

For Math:

  1. Understand the logic in class.
  2. Secure that understanding at home by doing at least 5 exercises for each topic.


  • Sticky notes
  • Colorful pens
  • Videos
  • Read or write to study
  • Make a check list to tick it off

They are basic things that most of you may or may not do. What I prefare for studying is writing short notes and keywords with definitions.

For every person studying can be done in different ways. Down below you have life hacks and high lighting tips.

That’s all for now. When I learn something new I will share it with you!


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