It hurts

So yesterday I had a seminar at. school and it was a waste of time. After school I had to go to the dentist for the checkup of my braces.

Trust me today they hurt a lot!!! I can’t even bite or feel my teeth it hurts and I am not being over dramatic!

I started reading ‘animal farm’ by George(I don’t remember the surname)

Tips to help you during a presentation in front of class:

  1. Eye Contact with students. (If you don’t want to look at their eyes look at their forehead and it seems like you’re looking at their eyes)
  2. Stand up straight.
  3. Be well prepared from before.
  4. Use our hands to explain things but not too much or keep them by your side.
  5. Move but not a lot try to find a spot you feel comfortable with.
  6. Write down points on a folded paper and keep it in your hand. (Incase you forget something)
  7. Take a deep breath and out!

I think that’s all if there are any other tips that help you put them down below in the comments! 

Good luck for those whom are having presentation and have a nice day being strong 💪 and standing up for yourself


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