Taking Risks

This is the post about what I did to my cousin. There will be no names mentioned….

Risk no.1

Boy 1 I knew him at middle school and I putted my mind that if I ever se him I will talk to him. (There was no relationship between us. We where very good friends, besties)

Me and my cousin went out and this was during the feast of our town. Guess what Boy 1 was there with his friends. (My cousin knew him due to extra lessons outside school by teachers)

I told my cousins and after making sure it was him. I told her I am going to talk to him.

Without thinking what to say I just walked to him and called him by his name.

The conversation went awkward his friends where being *ssholes. Such as they asked me if I was his gf.

I replied harsh are you serious. We had to leave after they started throwing this light matches which goves out a spark bomb.

They hurt and mostly it hit my cousin. So dear cousin I am truly sorry for dragging you in that! 😊

Cheer up it’s fun to take Risks at least I know how much he changed ! 

Whom ever is reading this make sure to take chances it’s fun and I dare my cousin to blog about something she dragged me into! 

I hope you liked reading it. So maybe I should’ve taught a bit before I acted.

Anyways bye for now! Take Risks, chances but be wisely and make sure that you won’t blush and you are in a self confusion mood! 

Have fun!


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