This week

So during this week I have been so unfortunate. The reasons are:

  1. Loads of homework
  2. I have a bandage around my arm
  3. I fell and my knee hurts.

More about the arm well at first I tought it was due to my heavy bag that I hold on my arm. Then I remember me doing P.E (Physical education/sports) due to the fact I am lazy. When I was doing volleyball my arm has been in a bad angle due to the lack of me doin no exercise it hurts a lot.

This pain isn’t letting me put any pressure on things.

I started watching Lights Out (movie) till now I am half true and I haven’t been scared one time or shocked. My cousin started watching it with me and she jump off the bed. Seriously tho it isn’t scary. Yeah,I am one of those people who is so difficult to get me scared/shocked during a movie.

Also today I took coffee in the morning and I became super hyper. That I made my sister crazy and wanted to go back home. I managed to wake up all the seventh graders from their sleep in the van. With my crazinies one of the 7th grader became hyper because of me.

The hyper disease of moi is making you talk A LOT. Even meaningless things so basically that’s just scary for you to experience.

Anyways I hope you had a nice week and wish me a free injured card weekend. good night xxx-N



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