Hi there it’s been awhile but I am very busy. At the moment I’ve got many family dramas. I had friends issues which I still do and I’ve uncompleted conversations and fights. You know the usual teen drama.
Me being me I always am trying my best and pulling up a smile! 
Advice for love(boys):

  1.  don’t be fooled
  2. Don’t worry he’s not the only one boy in the world
  3. If he cares give him a chance

Advice for random drama 

  1. Whatever happens always rise your head up and show everyone that you’re strong.
  2. Never show others that you’re weak
  3. Don’t over worry yourself.
  4. Have fun and go with the flow

Any other advices you need comment down below I will dedicate a post for them.

I drew a painting it’s down below! Paintings are there to show emotions. Comment what you think about the painting! 🙂


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