What I think!

Yeah it’s a new year! Nope that’s not me. It’s another year which is going to be filled with problems. Friends which I know that will betray me. They always do. It’s always the same thing!

The quote below describes how I am feeling! Those who feel the same don’t worry you’re not alone. Welcome to the club!

When I feel better I will let you know what you all can do in current situations. For now ba-bye!!! 👋👋👋


6 thoughts on “What I think!

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  1. I hope this year isn’t filled with problems for you. I’m always here if you need to talk and you’re not worthless or unwanted and stuff to me. I know we don’t know each other, but I’m sure if we knew each other for real, I would love to be your friend! You seem so nice, caring and you have great advice. Don’t let your “friends” ruin this year for you. Concentrate on your New Years Resolutions and being happy! Worry more about yourself instead of all the friend problems.

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