Monday morning

I wake up to read the most beautiful comments from my new friends. The people from the internet that I feel like calling to friends. Friends here on wordpress and wattpad. Thank you all for making me smile and happy. Also to keep going in my life.

Thank you all. Well today I had a bit of breakdown by myself. Nothing big but I felt like knowing all the problems around me and EVERYWHERE. Thinking about all the things happening in my life made me just want to die. But then remembering about everything including my new friends made me stand up and fell a lot better.

Thank you again and I hope I help you guys feel the same. 🙂 #forabetteryear

(If you need anything comment in any post of mine.)

The picture uploaded means so much and is really inspirational. Don’t worry if you’re broken gather your pieces and pull yourself up. The gaps between the pieces is what makes you more beautiful.

TADA POOF I am going to sleep.






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