Hello everyone! Behind your screen whoever is reading let me tell you something.

You’re beautiful the way you are…. keep on reading okay so sometimes we question our lives questions like the following. 

Why did I say that? Why did I do it? Was it the right thing? What are my choices? What am I going to do? What is best for me? Why am I reading this? 

Yeah! Yeah! I know these questions are true I mean why am I writing right now? Well maybe I have an answer or not. The answer isn’t important in life. We can’t answer and have a solution for everything.

Our lives Ian a math equation that we can solve and if it is incorrect we erase the mistake. Mistakes in lives can’t be erased. You have to live with them.

Whether you like it or not. Stop thinking for a moment. Stop trying to please everyone. This is your life, your choices and yours to explore.
So please stop trying to be perfect! Because perfection is fake, fake is sadness and pain!
Hope you found this blog post interesting! Xxxx Have a nice day with Thatgirl4ever! Nah…joking! 😂


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