My life

Hey! It’s been quite a long time but I am back! Well first thing is that I am in my first week of exams!!! Yeah-it causing me a lot of stess.
I was thinking to make this blog about me. Yeah,yeah I know I mostly blog about my life or other things but this is for u people to get to know me more. Let’s go👉👉👉
When I say:

I’m okay or fine:

Lying so much biggest one

If I say ly:

It doesn’t mean literally

But if I say the full version of ly the. You are someone special.
You might think I am a weirdo or something I don’t actually know how to describe myself! Anyways if you have any questions comment down below!
Now back to normal blog title:

People in Pain

This might be in so many different ways but I am going for the physical one. The part about self abuse. If you don’t like this topic please stop reading. Ty xx

Now people harm themselves for many reasons. They start either from anger issues  or just not taking it anymore it will be too much to handle. Now to physically harm yourself is usually done,

  1. Cutting by
  2. Knive
  3. Razor
  4. Nails
  5. Pins
  6. Scissor
  7. Etc..
  8. Punching the wall
  9. Digging nails in palm
  10. Stretching

And many more… for those who go these hope this will help at school:

Go in bathroom and take long breaths until you can feel calmed down.

U choose if u have a friend with u or not to help u in these situations.

For the others you just have to help yourselves and I if you like to help others comment down below of what they can do I would appreciate it thanksxxx.


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