Hello there…

“What should I write about?” asks the teacher.
“Oh I know. Pick me please.” I say whining.
“Yes Mrs. N/A!”

Do you love reading? I do.

Do you feel yourself in another world? I do.

Do you smile, cry, laugh while reading a book? I do.

So what kind of book do you like readers?

Secondly I love reading teen fiction, horror, mystery and werewolf fiction.  Right now I am reading a book which is very interesting The day I met Suzie’ by Chris Higgins Image result for when i met suzie

Also another recent book I have finished which is interesting to read is: ‘How hard can love be?’ (I wander) by Holly Bourne.

Image result for how hard can love be by holly bourne

Hope you are interested in these book. For now Bye.



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