I walked in my class wearing a smile but it soon faded away when my teacher told me to see her after class. After the one hour lecture mostly  which I was too worried of what I have done then actually paying attention. I wait for everyone to leave the classroom and walk up to Miss. Le.

“Did I do something wrong Miss?”

“Of course not dear.”

“Then why…” I started saying but got cut off by her.

“Mrs. Young I would like you to tutor one of my students.”

“Who may I ask?”

“It’s Mr. Xavier Lopez” As she said his name my mind was in denial to accept this offer.

“Miss sorry but…”

“No, I can’t accept a no from you. This is part of your work to be done I will give you credit and write this in your report.” right there she bought me like when you bribe a kid to do something for sweets.

“Fine.” I reply and there goes my denial down the drain.


via Daily Prompt: Denial


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