This blog is about my life…


Today in the morning I was tired and got into the bus find a corner and rested not talking to anyone being in a bitchy mood in the morning. (It’s normal for me a.k.a not a morning person).

At school I ended up talking with my ex-bestfriends well short story is that this month we’ve been talking making small conversations. This week we got closer like more talking. 

Today, in the morning I stayed talking to them and I also talked to my other current bestfriend, but she left the classroom in the morning so I wasn’t going to stay alone. So, I ended talking to them and another group which is very nice.

We had a school mass today and I didn’t seat next to my bf and didn’t saved her a seat. Well, I thought that her other bf is going to save her a seat( I hate her other bf and she knows.) . SO, I stayed with my old group. 

In break I stayed with my old group and the other nice group from the morning.

After break we had a free period and let’s say that drama went in the group that me and my bf are in. Thank the lord I wan’t with them during break time. Anyways many shit went down. Even people crying. How pathetic?

I know I sound like a bitch but i hate those people and they never where nice to me. My bf is in their group so that’s how I ended in their group if you are wondering . During the free period my bf came to me telling me What’s wrong, etc… for not talking to her that much.

Guess what I did?

Burst out laughing like a maniac!

Who the F—- laughs in someone else face? Me (P.S don’t do it)

Anyways we talked and try to solve things. Things got more confusing but I think we OK now because we talked after school on social media. So, yeah. 

But wait that’s not where it end…. read next blog to find out what I did!




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