The most thing that gets to me is anger. Everyday I battle myself not to self harm and not let my anger to far. I prefer letting it all out by expressing it into my painting, or end up self harm as in punching a wall.

I know. I know. A girl punching isn’t what normally you picture but that’s me and sometimes I did worse. The point is that people with anger issues have to fight themselves through their situation and try to keep calm and back off as much as they can.

It’s hard as hell most of the times. I am trying to make everyone aware that some people which most of the time are angry that’s angry issue. Just talk to them about it what do they want to do and deal with it.

My side of the story is that no one came telling me about it. I figured it on my own and on my own I am dealing with it. I didn’t choose to tell the whole world. I only told one person and that’s enough. 

I am not taking any pills or guidance because I think I find that more frustrating. I am just handling it on my own and trying my best to hold everything. Now that’s me. Please ask what the person wants before you start making up what you’re going to do. Like doctors, bla bla.

That’s it for now!



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