Smile on my Face!!

Good Morning LOVLIES!!!! I give you kisses and hugs today. The sun is shining and I am smiling. I am feeling so good finally it’s been so long….

A Fabulous Fete: watercolor menu and signage // recent work:

I deserve this…. Now back to the blog- Holidays!

What to do during Holidays?

  1. Motivate yourself
    • set an aim 
  2. Then Study
  3. Eat healthy (bowl of fruits..etc..)
  4. Do your homework the way you like. There’s no hurry.
    1. Don’t worry about not finishing in time.
      1. Make time for 
        1. yourself
        2. School
        3. Friends
        4. Family
  5. Do something else you would want to do (such as DIY, hobbies…)


That’s all for now. Bai ^-^



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