Epic Prank!

Pranks can be you attempting one or you being prank on. Well my prank worked on all the people I did it on so it’s pretty good. Now I am going to share it with you.

Do this prank with preferably someone close to you!

I Have A Boyfriend Prank!

It doesn’t have to be on a boyfriend but for girls it works the best. So what you need to do is download a fake messenger app of any social media (ex. Facebook) there are for both Samsungs and Iphone devices apps.

Now you know how the prank goes fake a chat with someone imaginary.

Make sure to have good date and timing of screenshots you would take or downloads of picture. Plan it good, plan pictures also (ex. Pinterest.)

If you’re doing the boyfriend example prank find boys on Pinterest.com or somewhere else that doesn’t show the whole face of the boy or only his back when  he is walking. Be original and trust me it’s fun.

Be careful who you prank and don’t take it too far.

Btw picture above is my new book on Wattpad https://embed.wattpad.com/story/105836141“>HIM .

Enjoy 🙂



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