Review and Opinion on Baywatch

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I have to go do an exam and I will be blogging about the movie Baywatch in this post.


Baywatch starts in a very good way by the character Mitch saving a life and the title pops up. After we are introduced to three people which later on they are selected to be trainers on Baywatch. From the first time we see Matt (Zac Efron) he is already flirting with Summer which later on they had to work together. Baywatch takes a twist and shows us that these people weren’t normal lifeguards but Mitch acts like a secret agent trying to figure out what’s going on around the beach (and the city). From this point the movie Baywatch isn’t based only on saving lives on the beach but also other places.

Then the police get involve and somehow Mitch gets fired after he, Matt and Summer enter the hospital looking at a dead body. Which we can’t forget to mention Matt had to touch the man’s dick for Mitch own amusement. But what movie would it be if he just leaves. So of course after the crew are at a boat party and kicking asses when Matt is underwater in a cage dying. Mitch appears and saves his life. At this point Matt thinks that he is kissing Summer when in fact it would be Mitch saving his life. This was quite a humor scene. So at the end they solve the big mystery and send the bad girl away by shooting a firework at her.


The movie started so great but I thought there would have been more action on the beach which somehow would turn out to be funny too. But with disappointment it didn’t turn out like that. The lifeguards where like police. Anyhow that’s what I think that it didn’t give the real picture of lifeguards. If I were to rate it : 2.5 / 5 .

What the audience expect:

The audience wanted more:

Beach Action

Love Scenes with Summer and Matt also Mitch and Stephanie

Maybe a Shark Scene

More funny


That’s all for today I hope that you enjoyed reading today’s blog. Have a nice week and wish me luck on the exam. Bye!



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