Getting ready for…

Hi there,

Good….(whatever your time zone is) it has been a great day – not so much. Let’s start the day from the begging.


I woke up like a sleeping beauty wreck as usual nothing out of the blue. For breakfast I ate baked beans and carrot.I know that they don’t go together but I had the appetite for the them.

Along the day…

Finished a lot of school stuff and other things.  Anyways I am getting ready for school and I think I am prepared myself mentally. Now I am going to plan some more things so I’ll have everything perfect As you can note I am a perfectionist and it’s kinda irritating some times,

End of day

There was the battle of Russia between my sister and I and some things got broken along the way too. Trying to ignore that I just finished an amazing book about pen pals involving emails and an amazing plot.

I conclude by giving you guys mostly British people this links to keep you informed of  life:





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