Love Letters Perfect Strangers – Book Review 

Hi there,

This blog post is about a book that I have finished reading a few days ago. Which I read in 2 hours during night time. That’s how amazing it was. Now before I spoil the whole book for you. Let’s start the review!


A class project given to students turns a lot of life changes to one particular student. This project involves sending emails to an anonymous student in the school. In the email you have to express you emotions and basic things about yourself but you can’t tell the other person who you are. Two students get so close that they dial each other and realize that they know each other voice but can’t guess who. In the meantime in real life the two pen pals are huge enemies and when it comes down to meeting him… what will happen?

That’s all for now if you want to find out if they end up together you have to go and borrow the book from a library! Enjoy and have a lovely day!


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