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Hi there!

So for today’s blog I would like the share this double meaning quote which I did when I was waiting for my private lessons which I was an hour early for. For starters I would like to say that I  had a great day and can’t argue with what I had in store for today. Anyhow, if there are new bloggers out there you are always welcome here and get to know each other!

If any new bloggers want any help let me know because I have been thinking if I should do a dedicated post for that. Now back to the quote –


Let the Flowers Bloom! -ThatGirl4ever

First meaning – that the quote is dedicated to the environment around us and specifically we (humans) let the nature grow on its own. Not ruin it by pollution and other harmful things.

Second meaning- For someone more open minded and has time to think and reflect. The person might see it as metaphoric. That the flowers represent human beings which implies to let the humans grow at their own pace. Not to rush things like nowadays for example taking a class of students the teacher explains something. Of course not every one understand with first explanation and instead of moving to another topic. The teacher gives enough time so eventually everyone will understand it.

That’s all for this blog. Hope you found it interesting! Comment down below and keep on smiling the smile that makes a man/women look at you! Bye!




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