Double Faced or not?

Hi there,

Again hello and welcome new followers and thank you everyone for the spams. What I will be talking about today is about how I act around different people and how this happens. All this will be explained soon but firstly I would like to say the following things:

  1. Firstly is that I am very shy to new people.
  2. I act like a maniac in front people I trust.

Am I doublefaced?

Well I say yes and no because sometimes I act normal and sometimes I am in the mood to act like a new person.

Well around people I feel close to, I act normal and crazy. Like I am the fun me but around new people I get all awkward also with people I don’t like and trust. (Remember I have trust issues)

Now it’s all up to you to decide if I am double-faced or not? But I never act different to atttact people. I despise it and btw my biggest pet peeve that I have discover yet is:

When someone is touching my phone! Like people stop it it’s mine ask to touch it. Ughh!!!!

That’s all for today’s blog hope you enjoyed reading more about me!tomorrow I will try to get to a topic! Now goodbye and have a nice day!


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