How to come up with the BEST username?

Hi there,

First of all I would like to say that recently I have made accounts on different types of social medias. Yesterday I made a twitter account for those who are interested follow me at  disasternicole aka ThatGirl4ever . Also drop down any username you like for me to follow I would be glad to do so.

Am I social?

Well I do have many social medias and I interact on them but in reality I don’t talk to people I don’t know and start a random conversation like some people can.



  • Keep it simple and clean
  • Easy to remember
  • Short

According to what type of social media you will be using since most require your real name and notice automatically when you use a fake name. That’s what you have to keep in mind is this a personal, blog, business, advertisement account or page. Once you’ve got that figured out you know whether you’ll be using your real name or not.

For real names:

Using Personal Page:

Using your name it’s according to how your character is and how you would like it to be. So let’s take an example with the name David Jones (aka I don’t know anyone with this name) Ex:

  • davidjones
  • djones
  • jdavid
  • david_jones (or other symbols between the two names)
  • jones.david

Using Business or Blogs:

For a business you want something catchy so you would want to attract the reader’s attention. What I will be trying now is grabbing the sample name that I am using and give it some touch ups. What I will add will relate to the example of the business or blog. Example:

  • DavidJonestheblogger
  • Davidtheblogger
  • D.Jonestheblogger
  • Heart4uwithDavid
  • SOSJones

For fake names:

This comes with a lot of thinking… It’s according to what you will be relating it to for example if it’s going to be a fan page ex. about Ariana Grande you can try Arianator4life and other different endings such as -4ever -forher -thebest …etc…

On the other hand if it’s a blog and you want to have a unique name and original start by grabbing a piece of paper. Write catchy words which describe you. Combine the words and boom you have a list of usernames that you can use. Then choose the best one out of them.

I hope you found this helful!

If there is someone who would like me to do a specific blog post just comment down below. That’s all for this blog post I will back to you with another post soon. Bye and have a nice day!



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