My Blog Anniversary

Hi there,

YAY! I am so happy at this (almost) exact time and day last year I posted my first blog post! Ahh! Time passes so quickly. Thank you all for following me I have reached my 200 followers and twitter notifications are going on non stop. I have about 300 followers already. On this post I would like to say how much we have to appreciate every moment even now when you’re scrolling over social media. Ask yourself : How worth is social media for me? Is it worth an hour? Hell no from me!

Time is too precious! Last year I was like oh god this is going to be a tough year and is going to go slow. Well nah that didn’t happen did it! Here I am now one year later. My advice is to make everything worth it and make it last how much you want it.

Life is freedom, freedom is ours! -ThatGirl4ever

Enjoy LIFE Queens and Kings because at the end you’ll regret the chances you didn’t take! BYE and go start having fun alright? Now GO000 and run wild because we’re still young and not bone-y yet!



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