Review of The Conjuring (2013)

Hi there,

Yesterday I watched both The Conjuring and I have decided to write a review!

Review on The Conjuring

Two paranormal investigators go to people’s houses and find a solution to their problems. At every case there’s a material object and Ed one of the investigator collects these cursed objects in a room. His daughter always is urged to look at Annabelle which is locked in a cage. Meanwhile a family moves into a new house and slowly they start experiencing things such as the doors banging and during the night one of the daughters’ leg keeps being pulled.

Until one night the other sister which is sleeping with her wakes up and they experience the evil forces. Meanwhile another daughter sleepwalks and keeps banging her head against a wardrobe which later on we see a secret passage way behind the wardrobe. The investigators come to their house and start solving what’s happening. They found out that a couple used to live there and the woman was a witch that killed her child. She performed suicide by hanging herself  from a tree.

Anyhow the woman investigator sees the witch hanged from the tree and thinks that her daughter is drowning. When in reality her daughter was at home. During one night the daughter hears mysterious sounds. In one of the room she finds a woman on a chair petting Annabelle. The parents arrive in time and the doll mysteriously is back in the cage and the daughter is safe.

Then the movie continuous that back at the house the mother keeps on getting purple weird bruises and one of the children talks to an imagery boy called Rory. She had this (image below) music box when you look at the mirror behind you there would be Rory. The woman investigator sees Rory !maxresdefaultLater on things move on quickly and the witch posses the mother and the children are scared. The possession is broken by Ed performing exorcism for the first time in his life. At the end everyone is happy and the house is no longer haunted/cursed.

Rating and Comment

For rating it would be 9/10 which is very good. The movie keeps you at the edge all the time and it shocked me one time which is rare for me. It was a good horror movie.

Comment – Positive – Amazing
– Negative- Null (I liked it!)


That’s all for this review hope you enjoyed reading it!




8 thoughts on “Review of The Conjuring (2013)

  1. xaspierudegirlx says:

    You pretty much spoiled the entire movie. xD I thought the Conjuring was alright for a horror movie these days. Not may good ones left anymore. I really liked the story line and the investigators. It didn’t scare me though as much as older horror movies. Horror movies now adays just always seem to be lacking something, but can’t pin point what it is. Maybe they are running out of ideas?

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