DIY – Fail into Charm

Hi there,

Two days ago I mentioned that I will be trying another DIY and won’t be giving up so easily! So here I am writing this blog post which is going to be about my DIY. First of all tomorrow I start school! I like to wish everyone a happy nice year filled with smiles and laughter.


I woke up late and found myself alone in the house so why not spend the time peacefully making DIY bracelets. If you like the DIY and would love to try it out continue reading if not then I don’t know why you would continue reading…

Material that you will be needing:

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 2 colours of wool (the type I used is shinny and glittery and very stiff. It has to be this wool for you to make the charm. If not don’t worry just follow the method and it will come out as a bracelet.


  1. Grab a ruler of 30 cm long and cut 4 pieces of the two colours.
  2. Grab all 8 pieces and make a knot to hold them together.
  3. Separate them in the following color order:
    1. Colour 1
    2. ย Colour 2
    3. Colour 1
    4. Colour 2
    5. Colour 2
    6. Colour 1
    7. Colour 2
    8. Colour 1
  4. Now Grab Colour 1 piece of wool form the left and make a knot on Colour 2 and keep doing that with the Colour 1 wool.
  5. When you finish with Colour 1 on the right side, start with Colour 2 and keep repeating the above step.
  6. When there is around 5 cm left of the wool do a knot.
  7. If you did it as a bracelet now go and wear it and if you made the charm. Twist it around so it comes as a tube and you have your charm.

download (1)download (2)download

That’s all for the DIY. So the fail was were I had to make a bracelet but since it isn’t proper wool it came out as a charm. I hope you found this interesting. Have a nice day! Bye!



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