My dog on the run!


Hi there,

So just to let you know right now I am at school and this is a schedule post so I will keep up my blogging life. I would like to tell you a story not a tale but a real one that happened yesterday.

The Story of my dog

During nine o’clock my mother went driving to the stationary and to the confectionery. After she went outside the stationery she found a dog. She was puzzled and then she recognized this dog as ours. Our dog has followed her from home into the streets to 20m away! Anyhow she looked at the dog and saw her crying. My mother didn’t know what to do. She started to panic and the woman working at the stationery offered her to use her phone. My mother being her rejected the phone since she was panicking and didn’t know what she was doing.

Anyhow she left the dog outside because we got a new car and she wasn’t going to let our pitbull dog get inside it. She continued driving and behind her was the dog chasing her while the cars honked at our dog. When my mother arrived to the confectionery she didn’t see her anymore. She was just behind her when she was driving. It happened that my father passed by and saw her at a close corner to the confectionery He put her into his van and drove her safely to our home. What a day!

That’s all for the story! Bye and I will try to blog soon! Keep on smiling
Date of this note 24/09/2018 : This dog have now been dead for 5 to 6 months now.