5 days in Hell


Hi there,

Recently, I have been very well and I hope everyone else is; on my face there has been a smile all week long which is good considering I started school. First day of school quickly passed and I enjoyed it. I have been making new friends and I hope I stay this happy. It has been surprisingly too bright… so, why do I call it hell?…. because it’s still school and I hate it due to the loads of work I already got.

The first lesson that I had on Monday was Accounts and I am doing quite well. Also, at school we are doing Java in computing and for our final project we are doing a Quiz. Which is part of our final exam mark which hopefully everyone will manage to pass.

As for a class we stayed the same classmates as last year which is good for me since I got used to everyone and we have been this close since primary school. We spent most of our time together. On the other hand we moved to a new class which has a broken projector, one broken ac and very weird colours such us that;

The ceiling light tube are that one is white light and two give yellow light. The classroom is painted yellow and it has around 1/4 of wall with brown marble. So it’s not quite a good classroom setting anyhow apart from that so far everything is going fine.

And not to forget I managed to get 1k on my twitter and my friend from my class and van has a  Youtube Channel if you’d like to subscribe to her channel she’s still new to the vlog life. I think that’s all apart from the endless of tests I will be having soon! Bye! Bye ! Have fun exploring life!