Another Change in my Roller Coaster of a life!


Dear N/A,

I would like to write on this digital note how my life have been and how change in people can really happen. A week ago as some of you may know, I started school like other students. I have been doing well and all those negative vibes I had last year I threw them away. One of my friends at school noticed and her own words were,

You’ve changed, but in a good way.

I am so happy that I have moved on from the past and from feeling guilty and jealous of others I started to LIVE NOW IN THE PRESENT.  To let you in to the life I lived last year; it included me, closing up all my emotions inside me and letting them out on the wrong people.

Let me tell you a little insight story that includes three months and me. Three months of summer all it took that made me realize that it is useless to fight with closed minded people, but all I could do is respect their own opinions. Million of people live on Earth every single one has their own different thoughts. There is no other person that will think the same as you for different situations.  It’s impossible and if you don’t think so dare me and show me that you’re right.

Change in people can happen I saw it by my own eyes, in myself, and those who  believe that they can’t change it isn’t because they aren’t trying hard. It’s something that comes from inside you that you have to believe in yourself, open your ears and listen to every word a person says. How much it means and its purpose it will be nothing after you’re only ashes under the soil.

So, make it count help people make others happy because you can. Love yourself because no one can as much as you do. Trust me you aren’t nothing. You’re everything because you are one of the people living and breathing on Earth. You’re a thief, nurse, any specialist any other label that your society gives you. It’s all for the label and for people to talk, judge and other things humans do to each other that makes them feel useless. It’s JUST a LABEL.

So, take this as a suggestion; you want to change do it. You’re not happy do what you can to smile. Do anything you want while you still can and involve other people to spread your love, kindness, caring and etc…  PAST IS PAST! THE FUTURE IS FUTURE! LIVE NOW!