They’re THEM!


Hi there,

I hope all of you have been fine! I am doing very well and life is going smooth. Yesterday I had diner with my friends and we had the best time of our lives. Today during lunch we had the following plates:

As you can imagine they were delicious. Further on during the day we went out with the car. To be precise my family and I went to a place where people race. So while we were there looking; at some time of the afternoon a group of cars came one after another. I declared them to be the Fast and the Furious team it was too much… and after them also followed a truck like the one that the police uses in the movie. It was way too real.

Btw I also watched Annabelle Creation and sadly I found it boring and funny. I’m not normal okay… it was announced once I started laughing in a horror movie.

That’s all for today! Have a nice week and bye!!!