Living @Malta


Hi there,

Yes, this is an early post being posted during mid-week. There have been some things that can’t be just left in my mind without having to share my opinion. (Note: Everyone opinion is important even if it doesn’t apply to you). As most of you know I’m still a student and still being alive there are of course struggles and problems. Ofc!

Starting from the beginning here at Malta, Europe in secondary school we work out past papers that are given out online by the government educational site found available online. I being one of the students who works very hard have printed all the past papers that have been asked from me; in total they came above 60 euros including downloading and printing.

Moreover, I would like to add that not everyone is rich and happy. Taking me I am managing but seeing some of other students they lack some materials. From the start these past papers downloading was an extra thing. To add to the anger of the people living in this country after a budget held a few days ago, the past papers came out free for downloading. HOORAY, they cheered only those who hadn’t bought them yet. (unlike me). Anyways that’s something small right these things happen.

Moving on to my next point…someone form a particular party mentioned having the exams fee for free instead it came out that for the year starting 2018 exams will be half priced. Then later on they will all be free…something like that. Guess what I will pay the exam at 2017 and the price is still going to be full. HOORAY, again and make money rain from the clouds please.

Another thing is that all school vans were going to be free…guess what that will be next year when I leave school. HOORAY! Wait, there’s more this year the van price has been raised by 50 euros so for the full year transport it would be 300 + 300 =600 euros but only for this year right. So, the driver would get a fifty bonus (an upper-hand) since next year the vans will be under the government he’ll get extra money to cover next year. Is this fair?

Also during this week you must have heard what happened here in Malta. It was spread worldwide even on BBC they said. To put it in short a journalist was murdered by being bombed whiled driving her car. For more info. search online for related articles. Is it safe anymore to just say what we think. I understand that there are limits and some people exceed them but is it really up to us to set a person to death?

Some may agree and some might not. There are always the three ways for every reasoning:

Whatever you decide is the right thing. It’s your own opinion that you formed and if you believe in it then don’t let others influence you. As you might seem some struggles have come along the way in life. Being a student isn’t easy and neither any other role. I won’t complain about things because they are how they are. I just wanted to inform you of what has been going on!

I hope you all have a lovely day//week/life and I will be soon making book and film reviews. Bye ❤ ❤