Life and Me!


Hi there,

I have skipped a week from blogging if you have noticed. And yeah I ma busy and bla bla no one wants to hear my ranting of what I have been doing or where I am right now or what I am thinking. But idc what you think of me right now because I’m still writing this because I’m mad at the world and you!

Everyone is busy, work, money, children and that all over again and again. Most of the people forget how to interpret things different and form their own opinion which pisses me like hell because we aren’t here to copy each other. But again no one listens to me.

Aka the people I hang out with don’t care what I say or what my opinion is because I’m not important to them. I am not a good joker, story teller or gossip person. I don’t do that! What I do then? I am weird as hell and that’s me and that’s how I act in front of my 1 or 2 best friends. I’ve tried it with the group I hang at school they just ignore me. I told you I am not important to them.

All I want is to end this year, leave this shitty school and start college away from them as possible. I have no other choice they’re the only people left that I haven’t hurt and betrayed. Yes, I am a Big Bitch and I know it and I don’t give a second fuck. That’s me I guess!

What I have come to realize is that everyone has a story of their own to tell whether it’s interesting or boring. Even you, have your own tale to tell!