Inspired by Words (aka from a lawyer)

She’s from Michigan

During my school hours the fifth forms had a talk with a lady who came all the way from Michigan to tell us her amazing life story.


Her mother was violated by a man which afterwards resulted in her mother being pregnant with her. To whatever circumstance her mother wished that she could abort her but it wasn’t legal yet. So, she gave her up for adoption. Later on as the daughter grew up she learnt the truth of her birth parents.

With a lot of effort she managed to find her mother and they communicated through a letter. Later on their relationship grew and now to this present day her mother is so happy and glad that she kept her. This women didn’t only go through this but was called names by people.

She came here today to share her experience and to stop abortion from happening and from becoming good in the law’s eyes in my country. She also explained that the reason she become a lawyer is to save other peoples lives which have not been born like she was.

(Her blog )


This took around a lesson and I am glad that I heard it because I now have my beliefs stronger than before that abortion shouldn’t occur. Comment below what you think? (No judgement please.)



7 thoughts on “Inspired by Words (aka from a lawyer)

  1. rebeccakiessling says:

    Thank you so much! I really got emotional reading this. I’ve never had a student send me a blog they wrote after hearing me speak, and I speak to thousands of students each year — for more than 20 years!

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