Life and my thoughts

Good morning people from all around Earth. Welcome to ThatGirl4ever Blog for another post! Today’s blog post is about life as a teenager

My thoughts

Aren’t you tired of living the same day over and over with the same routines? I am, for certain and all I want is to have some time for myself. I bet you wish the same for yourself don’t you. If I were to ask every person I think everyone would wish to have some little time to spend it how they’ll like.

I want some too… this time I am finding to blog is instead of going on FB or like now I am attending extra lessons to improve my grade while the teacher is gone I’m doing this. This is the only time I have I guess. If I had more time I would spend it drawing without stopping. It’s my passion and what I love. It’s my get a way from this world. Away from my problems and everyone here. It feels like I’m in a whole other world better and free. What would you like to do if you had time?
(Comment below if you like!)

Life so FAR

Well to start off nothing is going smooth. ‘ FRIENDS ‘ that I hang out with around school are so fake I can’t stand them. But I have no other group to go to, it’s better like this putting up a smile and faking it all then causing drama. That’s what I think!

On the other hand I can always trust my best friend aka my cousin which I tell everything to; aka if you’re new here we’re the same age. So at least that’s the good thing. Today was a tiring day and tomorrow I have dinner with family.

Let’s hope it goes all well and that there won’t be any fights or arguments.

That’s all for now! Keep on trying your best! Have a nice day!



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