Drowning deeply in my world

Hi there,

I hope you had an amazing day today. I finally found the time to blog. So,  recently I have been having inner fights with my self about the actions I take. There is something about humans that makes me want to understand why they act the way they do.

An example to understand me more is when someone just randomly screamed. Don’t you think of what might be the pain and anger behind that scream. Or are you one of them that keeps walking believing the lie that you didn’t see him or you just pity him. I can’t stand that but I don’t approach the person. I just think of all the possibilities behind the scream.

Pretty idiotic you might think. Well not for me. Also recently I have been wanting to escape from Earth to much times ; well I wish we could just teleport between dimension but that’s no reality. I found another escape – my imagination.

You might not understand me but I want to let it out whether you are listening or not. As well I just don’t want to go back to the bad days. And still I am trying to find my identity of who really I am. It’s making me crazy. I just want to belong somewhere where there are people of the same taste as me.

There’s only one problem – I like a little sth from every clique that exits. So where do I belong?

When I find my answer I’ll let you know. If someone out there wants to share their story. Send me an email and comment that you have (aka I don’t check my emails regularly).

Email: thatgirl4everblog@gmail.com

Thank you for reading invisible reader.




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