Late New Year’s Resolutions :)

Hi there,

Well first of all Happy Late New Year. Another year has passed and a new one awaits for us. Lets’ see what we will invent far more than the ‘swiggly’ eyebrows. That was a bit of a fail in my opinion and not to forget the invisible box challenge on musically. In this post I also wanted to include some things that I want to gain.

To start off:

  1. Pass all exams (hopefully)
  2. Have a better year with new people.
  3. Eat morrrrrrrreeee fffooooooddd
  4. Meh I just wanted to add a number four. (haha – aka – i’m weird I know)

So my New Year basically went pretty good , better than usually. I actually had fun at my family dinner that we had. The family all went to my grandma’s house and after everyone ate we stayed chatting but not the young adults (*cough* *cough* one of them is 10 ) we went to my aunt’s old bedroom and stayed playing music and eventually ended to dancing. And with that came a lot of laughter as we watched each other dance. Well I danced solo with a creepy song having a doll (similar to Anabelle) and just being the creepy me. Well at least I gave a fright to one of my cousin and I am still laughing about it till now.

If you would like to comment below some things you are aiming for this year and how you spent your New Year feel free!

That’s all for now will be back soon with another post :). Keep in mind that;

“Life is Beautiful!”



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