Enjoy to the fullest!!!


Bonjour everyone! Yesssss! I am back. I have finished all exams from the Matsec board and I only have one left tomorrow of IGCSE. Before I start off, if you’re new I’m Nicole another 16 year old living to the fullest.

Summer so Far

If some of you follow my Instagram account you would see that I had my first swim last week and went back to the sea yesterday. The sea is still a bit cold but will do. It has brought relaxation and a sense of ecstatic in me. So far I’ve been going out with my friends and enjoying my free time. On other occasions while I’m home my free time includes reading, chatting with friends and drawing; in other words sketching and painting characters of my mind.

In my perspective Summer is going great and I’ve been helping for the house chores instead of going to work part-time. I’ve got a lot to say today , don’t I? Well first of all I hope you’re having un bien jour (a good day).

Okay. Okay. Enough with the French. Y’all might be wandering why I’m using French so much and seriously you just used the word ‘Y’all’. Okay well let me tell you why I have been influenced by these words.

P.S. I really do know French and I love it.



Around 10 pm yesterday I decided to read a new book that I got from the public library while my sister studied. Well you see we share a room. Sometimes it totally SUCKS but I love my sister although we fight sometimes. Anyhow I spent 1 hour reading this book that had me bewildered. This morning I woke up and spent 6 hours reading it until I finished it. Let me tell you something…. I was hooked with the book and couldn’t stop reading it. It also includes some French words with meanings.

The book name is : Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

(Picture Below)

Image result for anna and the french kiss



I totally suggest this book to you. It will get you hooked at that moment where you don’t even want to go to the bathroom. It is a love story between two students going to college soon. I hope you’ll be interested in reading it! Have a nice day and remember:

“Enjoy to the fullest” – ThatGirl4ever

Au revoir mon amies xxxx



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