Summer Vibes Award


Hello there, I hope everyone is having a nice day. I’m Nicole your average 16 – year old teenage blogger. Today I will start with my weekly awards to the bloggers out there.

Why you achieved this blog?

If I have given you this award it means that at a point you have blogged about Summer or mentioned the word in your blog posts. It could include your experience, life, beach and other topics related with Summer that get you writing.

The people I have chosen are the following:

  1. sunshineincblog
  2. usindosummerstudies
  3. canadianbooksblog
  4. flippingfelicia
  5. theveggieplatecom
  6. ritabanerjee
  7. sheriabbott
  8. iamthevideographer
  9. thoughtcatalog
  10. 6andjulian

You people have recently posted or mentioned Summer.


  1. Share that you have achieved this award and say who it was from.
  2. Tag other bloggers who you desire.
  3. You’re FINISHED


I hope this award keep on going for a while. Have a nice day to everyone. Stay up to date to my blog more awards to come. Have a nice day everyone xx ❤



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