For the past two years I have been blogging on different website creators platforms. I love to write a lot and blog. It’s one of my many passions. I discover my love for writing when I started writing books on Wattpad. It was a nice experience but I can’t explain the fun that I have when blogging about life, and anything else in general.

My name is Nicole and I am 16 years old entering college from this year!I love taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram. I do have a theme on Instagram but changes from time to time. I also love drawing. I prefer sketches and using pencil. But on rare occasions I do paint.

I love also to sketch and create character designs. They’re never close to real people more fictional aka anime/manga. I also love to watch TV shows and K-Dramas. I am a BTS Army and aslo a fan of D-Crunch. On the other hand I love the girl group BLACKPINK and LOONA. There are other bands which I love of course. I don’t have a fixed favourite colour but I like pastel colours a lot. Not only I like pastel but also black. Weird. I know right?

Photo of Me

Who is ThatGirl4ever?

When I am writing I get so lost that I feel I’ve became a new person in a good way. . I’m no longer Nicole who has a sister and two parents. My name changes to ThatGirl4ever as I get so focused that I mute everyone around me. ThatGirl4ever is the person who is communicating with the world through her blogs. She is the person people imagine and make an image of. She’s the person that people are communicating with. In other words my name on the internet isn’t Nicole but ThatGirl4ever.

The name is pretty ironic because if you’d know me you’d know how much I petty our lives. We live for a great number of years but nothing can ever be 4ever. So, adding the 4ever to the end of that name is ironic in my point of view.I came up with the name two years ago. I don’t know how it originated and if I was influenced by another username I saw somewhere. I honestly don’t know. I love it and sticking with it for the time being. If you want to know about ME you should check the top of the page. That’s pretty much it. My life isn’t one that stands out of the crowd. I hope everyone is having fun as much as they can every day. If there is anything else you want to know comment down below! Have a nice day and life! 🙂 Lastly my favourite quote:

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.”- Arya Stark, GOT.