Viewing life as an adult

Do you still take life for granted? Do you still look at life as if it where to last forever?

The Old Perspective

As children we barely give any importance to life. We feel that we are the centre of the world to those surrounding us. We burst out and act on impulses without thinking of the repercussions. What about now, that we have reached past 16 years of living? How do we look at life now?

The New Perspective

Every single thing that I do and say matters more than before. I have become aware of my actions and words could cause to others. All that is needed is some self control! Apart from that I have realised how every single second is important and that is why I refuse to waste any more time of life. I refuse to worry on exams and assignments when their insignificant compared to other big things!

There is no better time but to go on a vacation and enjoy the world around us. The cultures of other countries and their traditions. I will be soon going to Italy – a journey with some friends and family on a relaxation vacation. Life is not all about school and studying. Learn to balance the priorities of your life and to waste the least of time on things that would not matter in a few months!

I have been trying this for a while now and this method has showed positive results which include a healthier as well as happier life. Move at your own pace and find what suits you!

Books – Virtual vs Physical

During yesterday’s afternoon I found myself again swiping and swiping up through Tik Tok. When one particular video caught my attention and it was about a series of books. As a person I do not read a lot but I do not mind reading a book once in a while. So, I went on my phone’s Google Chrome and searched to download the book as a pdf (I managed to download and access it successfully).

In the past, around 4 year ago I have read loads of books online aka Wattpad books. You know those cringe plot books that every Netflix series revolves around. I started reading the first book “Shatter Me” series, I could not get myself to stop reading until I had a lesson. I am almost half way through it and let me tell you that it is worth everyone’s read. I am thankful for that Tik Tok that showed me this series. Now I will be moving on to today’s main gist of the blog.

What do you prefer a book in your hands or a book on your phone?

Like I have said it does not affect me at all to the extent that I prefer a digital book more than a printed book. Why is that? Well, firstly during the day I am pressured with assignments and online classes. In other words, I have little time to grab a book and read. Most of the time that I read is at night. That is why it’s convenient to have it on my phone. there is no need of a lamp and my eyes squinting to see the letters.

The app I use to read pdfs lets me change the background colour (lighting etc.) as well as the font sizes. It is better for my eyes and can stay comfy in bed scrolling on my phone. When reading a printed book it always makes me feel tired or hurts my eyes with the small fonts. Moreover, it is accessible everywhere since everyone takes their phone everywhere even to the bathroom.

I would like to conclude this blog by asking you readers about your thoughts on this idea! What do you prefer? Have you read Shatter Me series? If yes, what do you think? That is all I wish everyone a safe and happy Easter holidays.

What have online lessons done to me?

Hello, readers new and old!

I am Nicole and today I will be ranting about life here in Malta and as a university student. I hope everyone is doing alright. Drop down from where you are? If you are still a student or working or other in the comment section below. Thanks, loves.
Skip Intro !

Thankfully the second semester timetable has been changed to a better one. I am that kind of person who prefers to stay a few more hours late at night and wake up in late morning. Finally, I am satisfied since only my Friday lessons start at 8am. The rest of the lessons during the week start after 10am which is like a miracle sent by God.

This is my routine:

9.30am Wake up
Then lessons and during breaks watch series, eat something etc… (wasting time)
By afternoon I get tired so I go take a 2 to 3hr nap
Then, I wake up around 6pm, eat dinner and go call with my boyfriend

Roughly I do that every single day. In short I have become lazier! BUT. A big fat BUT . . . Here it comes the positivity of my life . . . Although, today I am slowly finding motivation to study and make notes so I won’t fall back behind in class like last semester. Trying to work hard but online lessons are just not my friends.

Another beneficial that I am finding is the chance to have morning walks with my dogs they are the best to waking me up and taking in the fresh air from the mask stuck to my face. Anyhow, it is my chance now to not act like an old women stuck at home but to be more motivated.

Also, I am starting my routine journal again because without it I feel so lost to what I have to do during the day. I will keep the few readers of this blog updated with how this personal scheme goes. Excuse if there is some wrong English tenses etc . . . English is not my strongest subject.

Stay safe!

Different perspective about life

At this stage of my life I have learnt to be more thankful about the things I have. Also, to appreciate the hard work that others do to see me content. Life isn’t just about me, you, her, him or whatever pronoun you refer to identify yourself as. It is about all of us! We should be as a community, as one, and help each other.

When did the our society become less helpful and more interest in self-gain? I am realising that life is about the experience, the impact and what I say and do that affects others. Why should I throw hurtful words at others when I can take better actions which will have less of an impact?

I believe this approach to life is a better one. If I pay more attention about my actions I will not only be living a better, positive and mature life but will affect others’ day. I am strong, lovable, passionate person who is capable of taking control of how I live.

Leave a comment about your thoughts! Free opinion!

Feeling lost in the world

Do you ever wake up with many ideas and feel a rush of adrenaline filled with energy, sparks and butterflies.

“Today is the day. Today is different,” I say.

I wake u from bed ready to be progressive and work my ass off. As soon as I am going to start, everything flies away as fast as a shooting star. My hopes, my ideas and my motivation die all down as the shooting star crashes. Why I ask myself?

I feel like I lost all sort of energy from my youth and scared that it’s all gone. I no longer stand out from the crowd I am just another human who does what she is told. Why did I stop chasing what I love I ask myself? Why did I give up when I am still 18 years old and life is still full of choices?

Am I alone? Or is it the pandemic, the staying in not going out meeting people because of online classes making me lazy? What is the cause I ask myself? 

The only cause is the one and only myself. I have become lazy in achieving anything and giving up so easily. I used to be fearless to try everything new and experimenting. But I have given up and just moving with the flow. 


Reviewing PhotoPug, Malta

Recently, I needed some pictures printed. It was ages ago since my family printed some. I came across the company PhotoPug located in Xewkija, Gozo.

With registration you have 70 free pictures of 4×6 so I tested this service. After 2 days the order arrived with all 70 pictures. They came packed in wrapping paper of their logo only.


Is the site legit? Yes it is.

Do you need to pay for shipping? Yes

What type of paper are they printed on? Glossy paper. Although they aren’t printed on actual photo paper the quality is good and all pictures are clear. I am still satisfied by the quick service.

10 types of planner

Recently I have been obsessed about planners and during this process I came across different planners that you can have

1. Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal is not a type of planner that you can buy, but a system to keep organized. First, you have to buy a notebook. Then, you’ll need to number all the pages and create an index. Finally, you’ll be able to create daily to-do lists using a complex bullet code.

Create your own templates for your own unique bullet planner.


  • You can use the notebook that you prefer.
  • It is pretty meticulous and organized.


  • Having to create an index, number all the pages… and basically creating a planner from scratch can be a waste of time.
  • Even though you have a monthly calendar, you can’t really asign tasks in advanced.
  • You can’t predict how long a to-do list will be so you will end up with blank pages and crammed tasks in other pages.

2. Chronodex

Chronodex is a graphic time managing system created by Patrick Ng. It consists on that circle diagram which works as a clock. You can print it out and stick it to any kind of notebook or planner and use it as a way to put up your daily tasks.


  • It is better than a simple to-do list because you plan in advanced how much time you will spend doing each task.
  • It is visual and effective.
  • You can create a color code.
  • It can be used in an agenda or in a notebook.


  • You have to print a lot of chronodex circles or make it a stamp.
  • You may also need to print out a calendar. Is that even a drawback?

3. Spiraldex

Spiraldex is a Chronodex sequel, created by Kent from Oz. It works exactly as Chronodex but using a different design, which, from my point of view, is a lot more clear.

4. Planner Pad

Each page works like a funnel: Top section for long lists (categorize tasks and activities), middle section for your daily activity plan (prioritize what need more attention from the top section) and lower section works like an appointment book (schedule).


  • This system can actually be used in other kinds of planners.
  • One week per two-page spread.
  • Great for long-term tasks (helps you divide the work).
  • They can imprint your name in gold.
  • Elegant and formal.


  • May be too sober.

5. Life Mapping System

DIYfish (its creator) says: “Life Mapping is a kind of color coding, time-managing, journal writing method that can help you record and organize your life without hustle.” It works pretty much like any other binder planner but with a twist on it. Every page has a color index on its margin that helps you search and locate important notes.


  • This system helps you to keep your notes organized in the long-term.


  • You have to buy a binder and inserts.

6. Midori Traveler’s notebook

How to describe it? It is a piece of leather, with a elastic band around it to keep the journal closed and another one on the spine, so that you can attach refills. It is a traveler notebook… for people who… travel. But well, the journey from home to work and from work to home counts as traveling as well.


  • Can add and change refills (so it is for life).
  • Not too big, not too small.
  • They promise that the paper is lightweight, thin and anti-transparency.
  • Elegant.


  • About 50€ (worth it, in my opinion, because of the good quality).

7. Filofax

Filofax is the “original personal organiser” but there are more brands that sell this kind of binder planner, such us Gillio or Smythson.


  • It is for life.
  • You can add the inserts that are useful for you.
  • There are thousands of accesories for your filofax.
  • You can get creative.


  • You have to buy inserts (that’s not necesary a disadvantage).
  • It can get really huge.
  • If you want to add your own inserts, you have to punch the holes by hand (because of the six holes).

8. Hobonichi

Hobonichi planners are mainly appealing to creative people since you have one page per day to record what you plan to do or what you have done. Every year, the design of Hobonichi is “refined and updated to reflect the demands of users”, as they say on ther website.


  • Lay-flat binding.
  • There are A LOT of beautiful covers to choose.
  • You can get creative (and use watercolors!).
  • Includes one quote per two-page spread.
  • Their website seems extremely frank, reliable and neatly organized.


  • The book costs 2,700 yen (about 20€ / $22) and you’ll probably want to buy a cover too (At least, 20€ more).

9. Personal Planner

Personal Planner is a website in which you can design your own planner (from the cover to the inlay design) and they send it to you.


  • You can design pretty much everything.


  • The cheaper agenda costs $29.95.

10. My planner system

I use a regular week-view planner. This is how I color code and stuff:

  1. Daily homework:
    I (and probably the rest of the planet) write down my homework on the same day the teacher set it. I use a blue pen to write it and a red pen to cross it down when it is done. That way, done and undone work jump out at you.

    ➯ When I put something off:
    I cross it down with my blue pen and write it again on the day I plan to do it. That way I know that didn’t do it that first day but it doesn’t simply look undone.

    ➯ Long-term chores:
    (Such as essays or things that require a few days to be done.) I use the same method. For example: Today it’s Monday and the teacher says “You have to do a research paper about the Parthenon for next week”. I write on my planner (under Monday) “Parthenon essay”. When I get home, I decide that I’m going to do it between Wednesday and Friday, so I cross “Parthenon essay” with blue ink and write it again under the days that I plan to do it.
  2. Exams:
    I write the exam on the actual day of the exam and then I highlight it so it is 100% visible when I get to a new page. Having a calendar on your wall with all the exams and deadlines is also essential. By the way, it is so relieving to cross off days on the calendar!
  3. Deadlines:
    I write deadlines the same way I write exam dates. However, I highlight them using a different color so it is easy to tell them apart from exams.
  4. Other:
    Such as details for an essay, what’s covered in an exam, etc. I use the note pages at the end of the planner.

Some things i’ve learned while studying in quarantine

1. drink more water instead of more coffee.

2. weekly goals are bullshit. set yourself 3-day goals. you’ll be less laid-back.

3. don’t just mindlessly stare at words. before you start studying, know your approach to it. have a plan.

4. summarizing the concept in your own words is the key part of taking notes. don’t just copy things down, convert them into your own way of talking, your own vocabulary, no matter how dumb and unprofessional it sounds.

5. don’t let the “studyblr aesthetic” fool you. studying doesn’t have to be pretty. summaries and notes can be messy as long as they’re comprehensible. you can always rewrite and reorganize them later. (honestly, you better do. and you better keep them.)

6. don’t throw away the papers you’ve solved your problems in. staple them to the fucking textbook. you need to see them constantly. cause you’ll need reminders of how far you’ve came, when you’re feeling discouraged.

7. don’t be an armchair analyst for your issues. if you have an idea then act on it.

8. remember: the exact point where it becomes difficult, is where your growth begins. take a deep breath, and try to focus on the paragraph in front of you.

9. get off your high horse and understand that if you’re a zero, you won’t go to 100 in a couple of days. first, you’ll need to reach 30, then from 30 to 60, and then from 60 to 90. nobody is 100 everyday. that happens very rarely.

10. you need to have fun everyday. you need to have peaceful time every single day. even on exam night. especially on exam night, actually. so make sure you’ve studied enough so you can have some time to yourself.

11. once you’re on a roll and in need of some challenge to stay on track, start writing down your studying hours. tell yourself you’re not allowed to do less than 80% of what you did yesterday. whatever the hell it was, even just one hour. so if yesterday you really studied for like, say 8 hours, today your goal is to study for at least 6 and a half hours. if you can’t keep up with that, make it 70%, or 60%. 

12. be forgiving of yourself. be kind to yourself. even if you bounced back and lost your streak. start again. as slowly as you did before. take your time. it’s okay, you were there once you can get there again.

Entering University

It has already been a tiring week but I found myself in a very noisy coffee shop so therefore I can’t study in this noise. So, why not blog about my life a bit. I started the University of Malta this week and due to covid-19 we had our exams in September, moreover all students are still without any results but we still got accepted for University for now.

Enough of the chit chat. Let me tell you all about my 2 day experience at uni (uni means university in short )

So I had some lectures yesterday meaning I had to attend physically to school. There was literally no life everyone with no masks. The lecturers were nice but for the environment and atmosphere it was very sad one.

BUT, today was totally different. There was music, activities and so many more students were on campus today. I am trying to manage all the things happening in my life throughout the weak.

What do I mean?

Well I follow by let’s call it a principle and this is not to be only school focused. I will go out with my friends, boyfriend and have fun in my way. At the same I make sure to practice some digital art so I improve my skills. Not to forget trying to keep up with 2 weekly youtube video uploads. Life is busy.

A week has 7 days each having 24 hours all these things can fit in a week and more if you manage time perfectly. Never let something stop you from doing something else. You are human and you can do it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Ups and Downs – Finding Yourself

My promise for regular uploads did not happen, for over 3 months this blog has been dead. For that I excuse myself to anyone who actually reads these blogs which I appreciate loads. Welcome back to my blog (and rant.) I will be talking about finding yourself aka how I am discovering myself … finger cross that it will inspire someone by this.

P.S let me know in the comments if the below will be helpful!

A few days ago I had the most bizarre thing! An adrenaline rush went through me and while I was studying suddenly many ideas from the back of my head started pouring and bombarding me with what I can do with life.


If my Mum would ever read this is, she would probably say: ” WOW, you were so focused into your studies that you drifted off dreaming about the usual crazy ideas of yours. ”

I mean she would have a point since my exam was that day. Yep, I had the exams in a few hours and the lords of above spoke to me at that very day. So, what ideas? What do you mean you found yourself? New Beginning? So many questions guys geesh give me a breath! ( p.s I luv u and so does the universe)

Take a deep breath because now we are going to get in the real shi*


I am sure that all of you question who are you and what’s your purpose on life. What am I meant to do? If you are like me and you feel like you don’t want to have a boring life where it is circulated by school and studies only, start thinking on how you can change this. Stress really gets to me and I get really angry and snap at anyone who is around me. Recently, I have been avoiding this as life is too short and try to not have unnecessary fights with family. THEY LOVE YOU ALL CHILDREN!

I started changing by respecting the people around me (known as basic values). Sometimes we forget about the most basic things we should do. By this you start getting your mind healthier. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND DONT’ OVER STRESS! Start reflecting more on life and appreciate it as how it is. Now moving on to finding ourselves.

Sometimes I wonder to myself whether the version I know of myself is the true person or whether I have many versions according to who I meet. Society pushes so much pressure on ourselves, example our behaviour needs to change with certain people. So much expectations! I have learnt to sit back, relax and just go with the flow and not to over stress things. If something goes wrong I will try to find my way if not from the door from the window I will pass from somewhere.


Society tells you:

  • Find a job
  • Have a good wage
  • Have a family
  • Have children

There is this idea that life and work are one thing. I am still 18 and yes we need work for money to buy things we want. Everyone should have the right to choose their own job even if it seems crazy or not ideal. Example new jobs that some people are still getting used too are Youtubers and Influencers. A day has 24 hrs so many things can be done in a day. A person can work 3 jobs taking summer off and explore the world or just go after their dreams. My opinion is to go after your dream even if it seems unrealistic.

So what’s my dream?

I have many ideas that I want to try such as YouTube, Blogging and Influencing not for the moeny but I really do find it fun. BUT apart that I have this artistic person inside me which I think with time and practice I can be able to do something creative. I am very intrigued by the idea of starting my own business. In fact I applied for a course for Marketing in IT. I hope that at least I will accomplish a few of these things along with enjoying life and travelling.

I hope this was somehow helpful to someone or not. I just got my guts out guys so before anyhting else I apologise for my bad English not my best element. THAT IS ALL HAVE A NICE WEEKEND.


My YouTube is a basic channel sharing tips and templates for people to use and I have never shown my face on it. My channel is ThatGirl4ver and my IG is Thatgirl4everig. Do you have any ideas of small business a teenager can start?