Poem – It’s part of ME

Welcome Hi everyone for today I'm going to post a poem which I wrote a month ago. Have a nice day! POEM Feeling the angry Inside me Scratching on my hands I want to feel it. BUT I want it to leave  me, Leave me at peace Every time making my blood pump faster, Then... Continue Reading →


Problems as Teenagers

Welcome back amazing people of the world! Well today as the 15/03/2018 my name is Alex. Woah! Wait a minute. Aren't you asking , isn't your name Nicole? Yes it is my birth name but due to the stress of exams I'm just having fun being me but somehow different every day. You might be lost... Continue Reading →


Dear diary, Hello precious living being I have been tagged for the 'TMI Tag' by this amazing blogger : From Claires' POV  . Make sure to take a look at her very beautiful blog. What To Do If You’re Tagged: You can do the tag if you want, if not, you can totally decline it. Mention... Continue Reading →

Drowning deeply in my world

Hi there, I hope you had an amazing day today. I finally found the time to blog. So,  recently I have been having inner fights with my self about the actions I take. There is something about humans that makes me want to understand why they act the way they do. An example to understand... Continue Reading →

Life and my thoughts

Good morning people from all around Earth. Welcome to ThatGirl4ever Blog for another post! Today's blog post is about life as a teenager My thoughts Aren't you tired of living the same day over and over with the same routines? I am, for certain and all I want is to have some time for myself.... Continue Reading →

Life and Me!

Hi there, I have skipped a week from blogging if you have noticed. And yeah I ma busy and bla bla no one wants to hear my ranting of what I have been doing or where I am right now or what I am thinking. But idc what you think of me right now because... Continue Reading →

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