Made within seconds worth a lot

Hi there, So while I was texting my best friend and we were gossiping and telling the recent drama from our schools (aka we don't go to the same school) we made a poem together out of the blue. Poem We're all enemies, Yet we're friends. But then we wear masks To keep looking nice … Continue reading Made within seconds worth a lot


Life and Me!

Hi there, I have skipped a week from blogging if you have noticed. And yeah I ma busy and bla bla no one wants to hear my ranting of what I have been doing or where I am right now or what I am thinking. But idc what you think of me right now because … Continue reading Life and Me!

Living @Malta

Hi there, Yes, this is an early post being posted during mid-week. There have been some things that can't be just left in my mind without having to share my opinion. (Note: Everyone opinion is important even if it doesn't apply to you). As most of you know I'm still a student and still being … Continue reading Living @Malta