Pool Hairstyles

Hi there! Well as the title indicates today I will be telling you what are the best hairstyle to do for swimming in a pool. Firstly thank you all for the new followers. Secondly is that the best hairstyle would be tied up and not held down to prevent knots and (burnt/dried) ends. Now some... Continue Reading →



Always side by side by the driver Who didn't care who sat there But two young children fought Always and Forever For... The Passenger Seat -ThatGirl4ever via Daily Prompt: Passenger

What to have in your beach bag?

A question which everyone asks and always tends to forget something. Then let me help you... The following things are very important to have in your beach bag: Sunblock Sunglasses Hat Hairspray against sun Snacks Sandals Cream/spray against jellyfish sting Beach Towel Plastic bag to put wet things after swim Extra clothes in case emergency... Continue Reading →


No it's not the fry when you fry the chips (potato) or fry another food. What does fry mean to me? Well this is evil but this is what I think: Imagine someone you hate with all your guts. And BOOM there's a giant saucepan and oil and it's under the fire in front on... Continue Reading →

Epic Prank!

Pranks can be you attempting one or you being prank on. Well my prank worked on all the people I did it on so it's pretty good. Now I am going to share it with you. Do this prank with preferably someone close to you! I Have A Boyfriend Prank! It doesn't have to be... Continue Reading →


"It's time to be happy again" And A suggestion from me, don't trust a boy who cheated to his ex girlfriend. -ThatGirl4ever

I believe…

I believe that everyone has their own different minds and believes and think of things differently. So, there is no point in arguing but it is good to say our opinions. -ThatGirl4ever

Simply STUPID!

So TODAY I also had an appointment and when I went there and started choosing glasses at the end I was between two. I couldn't choose like I can't choose between nutella and kinder.  So what did I do I started laughing because I didn't know what to choose but at the end I choose... Continue Reading →

I walked in my class wearing a smile but it soon faded away when my teacher told me to see her after class. After the one hour lecture mostly  which I was too worried of what I have done then actually paying attention. I wait for everyone to leave the classroom and walk up to Miss.... Continue Reading →

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