What I think!

Yeah it's a new year! Nope that's not me. It's another year which is going to be filled with problems. Friends which I know that will betray me. They always do. It's always the same thing! The quote below describes how I am feeling! Those who feel the same don't worry you're not alone. Welcome … Continue reading What I think!


This week

So during this week I have been so unfortunate. The reasons are: Loads of homework I have a bandage around my arm I fell and my knee hurts. More about the arm well at first I tought it was due to my heavy bag that I hold on my arm. Then I remember me doing … Continue reading This week


What to do while you are on a bus in traffic: Read Watch a movie/tv series Do homework šŸ˜³ Study for any test Write (I did this in fact and dropped down notes about my book that I hope will be soon published on wattpad. I am still thinking about it.) Sleep Talk with someone … Continue reading Traffic

The party

First of all at school I am part of this comitee some of you might have it at your school. It's called ecoschool. So the party have to be organized by the comitee. After school we prepared everything and it was perfect. The party theme was glow in the dark to skip to conclusions it … Continue reading The party


I really need to blog fast since I am very tired and I have skipped blogging a day I can't skip today. So in the school van people are bring their laptop and watch tv series. Most of the time in school my brain is daydreaming. Today I had a back to school party and … Continue reading Quick


It has only been the second week of school and there is already DRAMA! Involving the popular group here is what is going on. Boyfriend breakup drama Friends drama about trust issues Secret issues that aren't spoken about. For now that's all I know and who knows what can be the next drama.  Don't get … Continue reading Drama


I think this is the last post of the day. Do any of you have a wattpad account? If yes comment down below and I will follow you. (For now I have no books published but I am working on one!) My wattpad account username:Ā ThatGirl4ever


Thank you so much for the 100 likes! It means so much to me! For that I will try to blog more than once a day.  What I would like to know about my followers are the following questions. Feel free to comment: Favourite TVShow Siblings Grade/Year/Graduated/Job  What you think about your life? What you … Continue reading 100 likes


A very quick post what happened today! I had become head prefect of the class. My enemy is the sub prefect. Loads of hw. Went out!!! The negative and positive are both balanced. But I take today as a good one. Now I am really tired. So gn and have a nice dream filled with … Continue reading Today

Curly Hair

This is for those who has curly hair. I was looking through social media and came across to this. (My hair is straight if you're asking) I hope this is helpful: