My Father’s Boat – Poem

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Hi there! Welcome to Thatgirl4ever Blog! My name is Nicole and I’m 16 years old; I hope everyone is having fun in November! It’s been a while since I posted one of my poems. This poem I wrote it in September so it’s almost three months old. Hope you like it!

My Father’s Boat

I peeked to one side,
Then to the other side.
“There’s no fish in the sea”, I yawned at him.

For hours we have been here,
I sit down bored, looking at the sea.

There’s something coming for me!
It’s moving fast,
Is that a fish?

My family is staring at the same thing.
Is it going to surface?
I want to see this creature more.

I see a green shell and an orange neck,
Then I know,
For the first time I see it,
A turtle.


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That’s all for today’s post. I will blog again next week. School has been okay and I hope everyone is healthy and trying their best. Goodbye wish you the best and have a nice week. Bye!


Poem – 270718 (The Lunar Eclipse)

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Hi there! Welcome to Thatgirl4ever Blog! My name is Nicole and I’m a 16 year old; I hope you are all doing well! Last month there was the lunar eclipse as most of you might know. I was inspired by this phenomenon to write the below poem.

270718 ( The Lunar Eclipse)

The wind gives me life,
Here on the rooftop of the house
I stare at you.

O thee are full of spirit and energy
Turning from the light you dare to steal
To something new,
Something nature made.

My first time seeing this unspoken magic,
Your stolen light vanished,
It was slowly replaced
With the colour red.
I saw you Sun.
You took away my Moon.

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I stayed starring at the sky from 8:30 till around 10. Personally it was very beautiful to experience this. I got inspired again as my heart filled with words and I couldn’t resist not to write them down. I hope you all had a nice day. Stay Healthy! Goodbye!


Poem – BOO-BOOM!


Hi there! Welcome to Thatgirl4ever Blog! My name is Nicole and I hope you are doing well! I am a 16 year old trying to find something to do during my summer holidays. So far I’ve been hanging out with friends and attending seminars regarding college. Today I will share a poem that I wrote on my notebook.

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Its’ thunder to my ears.
That sound…
Makes me nervous.
At Edge.


There it is again.
Beating against my chest…
Wants to run free.


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That is all for today! See you next week. Remember that you are the most powerful in this world. If you want change you can do it from the depth of your heart. Believe and you’ll succeed. Have a nice day!



Poem – Sunbathing


Hi there! Welcome to Thatgirl4ever Blog! My name is Nicole and I hope you are doing well! Two days ago I was reorganizing my cupboard and I found my sister’s notebook. I quickly skimmed through it and found this nice poem that my 12 year old sister, Naiya , wrote.

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You’re outside
With your bikini
You feel the sun
Burning your skin
As if it is hugging you
Tightly that you cannot breathe
You’re struggling to figure out
Is it something that you like or hate
Finally you get up
Your skin is burnt
And you’re red as you will ever be.

Introduction (1)That was the poem. In my point of view for her first poem I really enjoyed reading it and while doing so I can imagine her red as a tomato from a day at the beach. That’s all for today!  Have a nice Summer or Winter! Enjoy with the family! Have a nice day everyone!


Poem – Goosebumps


Hi there! Today has been a rough day in short. At least my day was cheered a bit by my bias ( Kim Taehyung) releasing a solo. I’m Nicole if you’re new. Nice to meet you! Today I’ll be writing a poem to express my emotions.


His Voice … is soft like solitude’s,
He speaks about his loneliness,
The loneliness I can relate to

The loneliness that pulls me back,
Back in the darkness,
It’s so dark here.
I hate it and I love it.

A black tear falls down my cheek,
Rolling down slowly,
Time is passing slowly,
And I told him I’m fine.

Am I?

I am ….


I’m describing something that I go through and feel. The poem is incomplete because I’m lost and have no idea where I’m going. Thus, this poem will for now be incomplete. Have a nice day! 🙂



Infinity – Poem

Hi there, if you’re new to my blog I’m Nicole and today I will be publishing one of my poems.


Meet me tonight

I’ll hold your hand,

We will walk together

Towards what?

Towards infinity.

We will reach a cliff

Together we will find infinity.


I hope you liked it! Have a nice day 🙂

Poem – It’s part of ME


Hi everyone for today I’m going to post a poem which I wrote a month ago. Have a nice day!


Feeling the angry
Inside me
Scratching on my hands
I want to feel it.

BUT I want it to leave  me,
Leave me at peace
Every time making my blood pump faster,

Then I scream!
It comes all out.
At once,
I’m at peace again…

Until it starts again.



Made within seconds worth a lot

Hi there,

So while I was texting my best friend and we were gossiping and telling the recent drama from our schools (aka we don’t go to the same school) we made a poem together out of the blue.


We’re all enemies,
Yet we’re friends.
But then we wear masks
To keep looking nice
It’s just an act.
How long it’s going to take for you to realise?

That everything that revolves around our friendship
Is just an illusion
And that we’re nothing but
To be friends.

This poem is for all those fake friends that are surrounding me right now and the above explains it all. Hope you’ll have a nice day! Enjoy 🙂



Stays The Same – Poem

Hi there so here’s a poem about life that I wrote:

No and Yes,

That’s all I say,

About life,

It’s always the same.

When there’s a change

It gives you hope,

Then it changes again

And your hopes are gone.

So today went quite well and I managed to do some work and trying my best. I also read this good book:

Fill-in boyfriend

It was amazing and a little unfinished but it finished with a good flow so at the same time it’s not a bad ending… I would suggest for you to read it.

For now that’s all and enjoy your life!