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Hi there, New scholastic year - New experiences ...and experiences bring out the best of us... -ThatGirl4ever


Thinking of the future!

Hi there, Right now I am at privat lessons and waiting for the actual lesson to start while the teacher is giving everyone's homework... I got 9/10 which is good considering it's physics! Back to today's topic it's about that I have been recently thinking about what I would do in the future. My thoughts … Continue reading Thinking of the future!

~ Quote ~

Hi there! So for today's blog I would like the share this double meaning quote which I did when I was waiting for my private lessons which I was an hour early for. For starters I would like to say that I  had a great day and can't argue with what I had in store … Continue reading ~ Quote ~


"It's time to be happy again" And A suggestion from me, don't trust a boy who cheated to his ex girlfriend. -ThatGirl4ever


Via Daily Prompt: Unravel the word unravel to me got me thinking and I cam up with this: "I am going to unravel the meaning of life for me." (unravel in this sentence is referring when trying to work/sort out something) -ThatGirl4ever


Okay now this is a very good quote (look at image above). I found it somewhere on Pinterest.com . I know that sometimes it is a gloomy day and all sad, frustrated you mention it. But what will you get by letting others get to you by showing them that they are affecting you. Stop … Continue reading Quote