Stranger Things Finale – Spoilers

WTF! I got so many questions with so many answers that make no sense! First of all who else loves the new couple : Steve and Robin I am shipping all the way y’all!

I am so sad for Eleven that her powers maybe permanently gone which the next season could be of her finding them back! The wall to the Underworld is still there like why can’t you just destroy it!

And…those creepy flowery looking stuff from Season 1 are back like fuck no REWIND!!! I bet the Crazy Russians are keeping Jim Hopper in those cells! If he dead I am out man! There’s no Stranger Things without Jim!

What are your thoughts and comments?

The 100 Season 6 Episode 10 – is oneheda okay?

Hello fellow Fans of ‘The 100’ is it just me or everything is going too good in their way… meaning I was expecting an important character to die in this episode to be honest with you all like how…from almost getting burned the ruler changed his mind! It was quite fake and unrealistic.

I am so over with Bellamy hating his sister and loving Clarke more! Who else misses the siblings relationship of Season 1 like I do?

And not to forget like wtf is going with Oneheda! I put my money on getting Lexa in her mind so she gets some sense in that girl… cos she lost it!

Thirdly, does anyone smell a ship between Gabriel and Octavia it’s been quite long since there was something with Octavia… and what happened to Diyoza? Anyone else waiting for her to save everyone when they’re at the edge of dying?

Comment your thoughts on this episode!

Is there going to be Alita: Battle Angel 2?

A few days ago I decided to watch Alita : Battle Angel… My very honest opinion is that it started quite well just some very annoying graphic errors like yeah it is all very fake and fantasy shit but… could have made it look a bit better.

Secondly, I can’t just can’t believe it ended like that… for those who watched it you know my frustration! So the big question is should YOU watch it? According if you like a no ending film meaning it ended with a lot of questions that might lead to a second film.

I did some research and behind the ending they are planning to do a sequel in the future this is not definite so don’t count my words on that. Everyone can GOOGLE and read what I did xD.

What were your thought on this film? Any good film suggestions?

Cursed – Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Review

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Hello beautiful Humans welcome to ThatGirl4ever Blog! I introduce you to myself… I am Nicole a 16 year old blogger which has been typing away all the words that come to mind for two years now! You heard me right! I’ve been blogging for 2 years now!

Recently I have read an interesting book which got me so addicted to it that I didn’t know what was happening around me – not joking. I went on the bus and stayed reading and forgot that I had to keep an eye out for my destination. Thank the above I didn’t skip my stop.

That’s why today I will be blogging about this book and adding to my many book reviews list.

Book Review

Cursed written by Jennifer L. Armentrout

d35408 Book Summary

“Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.”- Paulo Coelho said and it applies a lot to this book. The main character who is a teenage girl(Ember) has to take care of her sister who is gifted to heal and bring back the death. The sister had brought back Ember from death, which with it came a gift.  Ember saw this gift as a curse since anything she touches dies.

But what happens when someone want to help her?  That same person isn’t afraid of her, he trusts her. Ember takes time to believe this and she is more surprised when she is taken to another home full of strangers and more people that claim to have gifts like her and her sister. What will she do? Runaway?

It gets harder by the second as Ember starts trusting one person which her feeling grow to like him. But she can’t control her gifts how will she ever be able to touch him and to be with him? Want to know all the answers go on the link and start reading!!! Read Cursed HERE for FREE

d35408 FACTS

Originally published:September 18, 2012


Author:Jennifer Armentrout


Genres:Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal fiction (and Young Adult)
Fast-paced, entertaining YA novel with a mixture of supernatural, romance and suspense. 

d35408 My Opinion

I personally enjoyed the book from the beginning and I’m not a fantasy girl lover I prefer young adult or just romance but this book has brought a mix of more than one genre which is why I think I fell in love with it.

Apart from including all the supernatural things, romance was included. The author wrote the book in such a nice way of using grammar. Not to descriptive but not too narrative either. That’s how I like a book.


It never got me bored and as I mentioned in the beginning I was so focused on finishing the book. I think I finished it in around three days which is pretty good considering I have loads of school work.

The characters were developed especially the main ones. I don’t have anything negative to say about the book. This book isn’t a series. Surprisingly I wished this book had a sequel but it doesn’t. I’m still happy though because the ending was good.

I just wanted more of this supernatural gifted romance teenage couple. In all I would suggest this book to you. Everyone should give it a try. As I said I am not a fantasy genre lover but still enjoyed reading it – a lot.

Lastly I will rate this 4+/5 2000px-five-pointed_star-svg

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I hope you liked this review and that hopefully I manage to encourage a few of you to read this. Have a nice day and week! That’s all for now! I’ll try to blog more frequent as always! Goodbye!<3

– ThatGirl4ever –